Global Correspondence

GFMA 2019 Sustainable Finance Survey Report

GFMA has published the results of a survey of global financial institutions’ sustainable finance strategies and activities. The survey, conducted in May and June of 2019, is based on the anonymized and aggregated responses of 22 of the largest globally active financial and capital market participants. The findings of this survey will be helpful to institutions to benchmark against their peers and also to help inform future policymaking.

The report covers five areas:

  • Defining sustainable finance
  • Outlining the role of sustainable finance in strategic planning, corporate structure and governance
  • Ways in which global financial institutions are incorporating sustainable finance products and services across their business lines
  • Climate-related risk management and disclosures
  • The role of policymakers

This report was originally published in June 2019, with an updated version published in July 2019.

Download PDF: