The Global FX Division has 24 members, accounting for the majority of the global FX inter-dealer market.

Key Priorities:

  • Voice of the industry – promoting confidence in the FX market and its practices and enhancement of standards.
  • Working for members and market participants – continued focus on ensuring a well-functioning, efficient and cost-effective global FX market for all end users, acting as a central forum for discussion, supporting members on implementation of new regulations, enhancing consistency and compliance.
  • Regulator engagement – building relationships with international regulators, promoting the role of FX markets in a well-functioning economy, ensuring regulation is appropriate, providing a flow of information regarding international regulation and its impact on the FX markets – drafting and coordinating central responses, pushing for consistency and harmonisation.
  • Looking to the future – leading key industry initiatives for the benefit of all market participants with a goal of increasing efficiency and reducing costs, identifying areas where new technology may provide opportunities for market development.