Global Correspondence

GFMA Submits Comments to the Financial Supervisory Commission of the Republic of China on a Taiwan Trade Repository for FX Transactions

The Global Foreign Exchange Division (‘GFXD’) welcomes the opportunity to comment on
Gretai’s recently issued specifications document for a cross-asset class trade repository. On behalf of its members, the GFXD would like to take the opportunity to comment on a number of issues around the implementation of a trade repository for foreign exchange transactions and to discuss these in more detail with you with the aim of aligning and coordinating development work as closely as possible to the benefit of both regulators and industry.

The GFXD welcomes the goals of enhancing regulatory oversight and promoting greater
transparency. It is working with its members to implement a trade repository for the FX industry that aims, to the greatest extent possible, to meet global regulatory needs.

Its members recently announced their recommendation to partner with DTCC and Swift to develop a global foreign exchange trade repository. This selection was the result of an extended evaluation, Request for Information (RFI) and public Request for Proposal (RFP) process that began back in December 2010, with the RFP issued in April 2011.

The project is currently in the scoping phase and key work areas will cover overall functionality, technology, connectivity, messaging and data formats amongst other areas. However, this must crucially be framed in the context of understanding how the needs of multiple regulators can be met. The GFXD would welcome the opportunity to discuss this in more detail with you.

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