LEI Webinar Series: Progress and Developments in Establishing the Global LEI System


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LEI Webinar Series: Progress and Developments in Establishing the Global LEI System

1 October 2013, 7.00AM – 8.30AM EST

About this Event

Since our last Webinar in July, the LEI Regulatory Oversight Committee (ROC) has set forth key requirements for Local Operating Units (LOUs) to participate in the global LEI system.

In addition, other milestones have been reached, including steps towards the establishment of the Global LEI Foundation and calling for applicants for the Board of Directors. As regulators finalize reporting requirement around the globe requiring the use of the LEI and LOUs comply with new requirements, financial market participants will be interested to hear about these important developments. 

On behalf of the BVI the German fund association; European Fund and Asset Management Association; French Financial Markets Association; the Global Financial Markets Association (GFMA); ISITC Europe; the International Swaps and Derivatives Association; the Investment Industry Association of Canada; Japan Securities Dealers Association; Swedish Securities Dealers Association; and the UK Investment Management Association, please make sure to join us to keep informed of progress in the development of the Global LEI system.

Sessions Included:

Perspectives from LEI Regulatory Oversight Committee

Bertrand Couillault
Banque de France

Francis Gross
European Central Bank

Matt Reed
US Office of Financial Research

Headline Developments from Local Operating Units

  • CICI Utility
  • LSE
  • WM Datenservice
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