GFMA and Other Associations Submit Comments to Multiple Agencies on Regulatory‐Mandated Third‐Party Penetration Testing

July 2016  |  Correspondence  |  Press Releases

GFMA along with other trade associations provided comments to a group of domestic and international regulatory agencies on Regulatory‐Mandated Third‐Party Penetration. We encourage a dialogue over industry concerns over the recent proliferation of penetration testing regulations and guidance from regulators, SROs, and government agencies around the world, and the downstream impact to the financial services industry. Among other agencies, the OCC, FRB, SEC, CFTC, FINRA, and Treasury all received this letter.

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GFMA Publishes Cybersecurity Penetration Testing Framework

3 April 2018   |   News  |  Cybersecurity & Operational Resilience

Global Trade Organization Aims to Facilitate Global Regulatory and Industry Coordination on Cybersecurity HONG KONG, LONDON and WASHINGTON, 3 APRIL 2018 – The Global Financial Markets Association (GFMA) today published

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