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DTCC-SWIFT Update on CICI Utility Portal Launch

CFTC Designation and CICI Utility Portal Launch

On July 24, the CFTC released an Order designating DTCC and SWIFT as the providers of entity identifiers for CFTC swap data reporting.  These identifiers are known as CFTC Interim Compliant Identifiers (CICIs) until the establishment of a global Legal Entity Identifier (LEI) solution, at which time they are expected to become LEIs.  

As a result of this designation, DTCC and SWIFT are making certain CFTC-required changes to the CICI Utility Portal for launch.  The CICI Utility Portal is expected to be ready for use in mid-August. 

At launch, the portal will already contain 24,000 validated entity records that have been assigned CICIs that align with the ISO 17442 standard.  The portal will allow entities to query and/or download the data and will allow entities to certify their records or register new records. 

The CICI Utility Portal will include a user guide and a set of answers to frequently asked questions to assist individuals and organizations in using the portal.  In addition, webinars will be planned to educate the industry and address open questions.

We will be continuing our dialogue with the CFTC and will announce further details as the launch date nears. 

Please view the CFTC press release for more information. 

Statement by DTCC SWIFT on Plans for the launch of the CICI Utility